Debate #2, McCain v. Obama

Posted: October 8, 2008 in Politics

Probably one of the dullest debates I’ve seen in a long time.  Instead of inspiring me, McCain’s performance caused me to start thinking that maybe it might be better for the Democrats to win this time around.  I know that the candidates are trying to appeal to the undecideds — the stupidest people in America — but I’m wondering if in fact McCain might end up being a disaster for Republicans, just as Clinton was a disaster for Democrats.  If it weren’t for the issue of Supreme Court judges, I’d probably just sit at home.  Not that Obama did any better; frankly the man is even more boring than McCain.  But the stupid people, the undecideds, want change and McCain didn’t show that he was an alternative to the popular man of the moment.  Maybe we’ll just have to wait four years for a more Reaganesque candidate — Sarah maybe?



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