Third Debate

Posted: October 16, 2008 in Politics

I liked McCain’s example of Joe the Plumber.  McCain really needed a concrete example of how bad Obama’s economic policies are and he found a good one.  McCain criticized Obama on his “spreading the wealth around” calling it class warfare.  He also questioned whether taxes should be raised.  We should be lowering the business tax rate, said McCain.  I only wish McCain had said that a tax on business in America is not really a tax on business.  It’s a tax on consumers.  Businesses merely pass the tax on to us.  So a tax on corporations is just a tax on us.

Across the board spending freeze!  McCain’s on a roll.  Wow!  Obama sounds more like a talking head tonight.  No passion.

Big discussion of negative campaigning.   Finally McCain mentioned Ayers, Acorn, etc.  Yeah!  Obama didn’t come off so well in that exchange.  He appeared defensive, and did not explain why he associated with Ayers in the first place.  Nor did he repudiate Acorn.

McCain supports building nuclear power plants.  Off shore drilling now.  Trade restrictions led to Depression.  Where has this McCain been?


  1. Vern Crisler says:

    Unfortunately, McCain ran out of steam during the second hour of the debate. It got as boring as the second debate. McCain did well while he was emphasizing conservatism and the antithesis between his views and Obama’s.

    You can see how boring it got by the above post, which only covers about half of the debate. The rest of the debate was hardly worth commenting on.


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