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The Antiquity of Man

Posted: January 30, 2009 in Archaeology

In the essay “The Antiquity of Man” (in preparation) I will discuss the Ice Age as a post-Flood event.  One large reason for my previous discomfort with a post-Flood Ice Age was that I couldn’t fit the extinction of the mammoth into the theory.  However, after more research, I find that I must disagree with those Flood theorists who claim that it was a sudden, mass extinction event that resulted in the death of millions of mammoth.  I shall instead argue that the mammoth extinction took time and did not involve nearly as many mammoth as some Flood-theorists claim.  Accordingly, a reduction in the number of those mammoth that became extinct means that a post-Flood Pleistocene epoch is rendered more plausible.  A few hundred thousand mammoth deaths as a result of habitat loss and human predation is a lot easier to fit into a post-Flood biblical chronology than are millions of mammoth deaths in massive post-Flood dust storms (as Michael Oard believes). 


The idea of a sudden die off of mammoths is also rendered less likely by recent radiocarbon testing that has dated some mammoths far in the Holocene period, as late as 2790 BC.  (Cf., Radiocarbon, Volume 37, Number 1, 1995, pp. 1-6.)


Their die off was apparently much more gradual than previously thought.

Stay tuned.


Karate Museum

Posted: January 25, 2009 in Personal

Charles Goodin has started a museum about karate in Hawaii.  When I lived in Hawaii during my high school years (early 70s), Charlie and I were friends in Boy Scouts and were also very much into Bruce Lee and the whole martial arts scene when it was just becoming popular.

He has definitely stayed with it, and I’ve moved more into weight lifting and have developed my own form of martial arts which I call “punching-and-kicking-the-bag-haphazardly” style.

I especially love Charlie’s emphasis on history, which is one of my favorite hobbies, as you might have noticed.  See his blog at:

See also the intereview at:


(used to be known as Chris Crisler in high school, “Chris” being a nickname formed from the sound of my last name)

Mesolithic Times

Posted: January 9, 2009 in Archaeology

From the number of hits I get on my essay “Mesolithic Times,” it appears to be the most popular essay so far.  I’m not sure what accounts for that, but it has motivated me to keep working on it.  Accordingly, I’ve added a new section called B)  Material Culture, plus I’ve updated some of the discussion of the Flood/post-Flood boundary, a difficult subject to untangle.   The paper “Mesolithic Times” can be found under the Archaeology category to the right.



Foster Brooks on Safe Boating

Posted: January 2, 2009 in Humor

If you’ve never heard the comedian Foster Brooks, You Tube has several clips of his routines. Brooks actually gave up drinking in the early 1960s, so the whole drunk routine was an act.  See

Or, just type in “Foster Brooks” at You Tube’s search feature.