You Tube or Us Tube?

Posted: June 17, 2009 in Culture

If you like music, You Tube is a great resource for finding it.  Recently, I’ve been listening to Connie Talbot, Charlotte Church, and Hollie Steel.  Connie was only six when she was “discovered” on Britain’s Got Talent, 2007.   The only reason she didn’t win is — well — listen to her competition:

But Paul Potts may have some competition from Connie one of these days if she keeps singing the way she did with her remarkable rendition of Ave Maria, which she recorded when she was only 7 years old:

Someone said she might be the next Charlotte Church.  Here’s Charlotte when she was 11 years old:

Of course, given the meltdowns or dumbdowns of some of our former child singers turned adult singing sensations, it’s probably a good thing that most kids don’t acquire fame too soon. 

If you like instrumental music, there’s always funtwo:

There are also a lot of electric guitar performances of Bach’s Toccata.  Here’s a pretty good one:

You Tube is also good for listening to interesting people.  Ever wonder what C. S. Lewis sounded like?  Or J. R. R. Tolkien?  Or G. K. Chesterton?  Try these:

I’m trying to learn how to use video recording and splicing.   Perhaps I might be able to record a “lecture” about the New Courville theory.  But I’ve seen and listened to myself a few times already, and boring does not begin to describe my delivery.

I need to learn how to integrate what I’m saying with pictures, charts, film, etc. — anything to keep the listener interested.  It’s a work in progress, so may take a while.

In the meantime I could post up some videos of myself singing.  Please remember that I cannot be held liable for any physical or emotional distress you might experience in listening to my singing.  On second thought, I’ll forgo the singing, and direct you to Connie, or Paul, or Charlotte for entertainment of that sort.

You Tube also has a tremendous political potential.  Just watch a video of the protests in Iran:

It’s getting harder and harder for authoritarian or totalitarian regimes to censor what is going on in their countries.   You Tube and other web resources are in a way something like the invention of the printing press — it will bring about great changes in the world — change you can really believe in.


  1. Casey says:

    “You Tube also has a tremendous political potential.”

    Not to mention really cool motorcycle videos.

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