Insanity at Claremont Institute

Posted: June 30, 2009 in Economics

Does the Claremont Institute not do a background check on some of its guest writers before publishing them? Checking for sanity, for instance? If so, why did they publish Robert J. Samuelson’s loony drivel wherein he says, “prolonged prosperity was the underlying cause of the great financial meltdown.”

For more of the same, see his review at:

Samuelson’s analysis of the financial meltdown could best be described as “unspeakably awful,” to quote Simon Cowell.

It’s the old Keynesian song and dance, and even harks back to Malthus.

A meltdown caused largely by government meddling is blamed on prosperity. The solution is in fact a return to prosperity, not inventing new ways to curtail it with more government intervention.

For a better perspective, see:



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