Shaping Youth

Posted: July 17, 2009 in Culture

Amy Jussel, a friend from my high school days, has an interesting blog critical of what she calls “classless marketing” and “pornification” — the increasing use of sexualized images in advertising, especially those directed to children and teenagers.  See:

Particularly bad is a Burger King ad showing a woman’s mouth open, and in front of it a hamburger suggestive of a phallic symbol, and the word “blow” in the advertising text.  Aside from the moral issue, it looks like it was thought up by college fraternity boys on a beer binge, not by professional advertisers.

In our free, capitalist system, there’s nothing wrong with the profit motive, but when profit is placed before ethics, it’s just plain ol’ greed — one of the seven deadly sins.  Shouldn’t we go back to the idea that corporations ought to uphold moral and ethical standards?  If they did that, they wouldn’t be allowing the frat boys to run their marketing departments.



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