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Steve McIntyre is in the news recently for having undermined the “hockey-stick” graph that supposedly showed a spike in temperatures in the 20th century.  His site is here:

I debated with McIntyre on the archaeology of Shechem a few years ago on the David Rohl New Chronology List.

He was a tough critic and I think I did well in my discussion with him.  It actually gave me the confidence to write many more essays on archaeology from the New Courville perspective.

McIntyre caused a real headache for Rohl’s interpretation of the archaeology of the Amarna age vis-a-vis the Middle Assyrian kings.  (See below.)

I guess we shouldn’t be surprised that McIntyre is now giving headaches to the global warming crowd.  You can’t fudge data with McIntyre.  He may or may not be right in his conclusions, but he won’t let you get away with hiding or manipulating or over-interpreting your data.

For the advancement of knowledge, you need imaginative risk-taking people to drive the wagon of new theories, but you also need people like McIntyre to grab the reins of the horses before the wagon goes over the cliff.

From my essay “Alternative Chronologies”: 


I don’t plan on spending a lot of time on this.  Steve McIntyre is to be credited for showing that Rohl has made a major mistake in his chronology on this issue.  Basically, Rohl placed Shalmaneser 1, a Middle Assyrian king, before the Amarna period in Egypt.  McIntyre has shown, convincingly, that the mA1 kings are located in strata that are at least in part on top of Amarna strata, thus showing the mA1 kings were later or overlapped in time than the Amarna pharaohs, thus disproving a major contention of Rohl’s theory.   Anyone who wants to follow up on this can do so by going to the “New Chronology” Yahoo list and simply typing in the name “McIntyre” and you should (hopefully) call up most of the emails pointing to this problem in Rohl’s chronology.



  1. steven says:

    It’s great to see someone giving an honest and fair remark of a ‘critic’ these days. It is extremely rare. Thanks for being a professional.

    I have read a lot of McIntyre’s material and I agree that we most definitely require people such as Mcintyre to be involved in any review of any issue….. especially something as important as Climate Change.

    I am aware now after Climate-Gate that we have some very serious manipulation going on, on a world scale. The reasons for this seem to be purely for geo-political reasons and not scientific, yet our leaders believe they can bold-faced-lie to us time and time again and that they can get away with it because….well, they are our leaders.

    People like Mcintyre are required to keep politics if anything honest, but it seems that ANY criticism of a mainstream (Media-induced) frenzy these days is entirely ignored by both the public and our leaders.

    Makes you wonder how much time our ‘leaders’ actually have left before the people of the world say ‘ENOUGH’ and take control back of their contries; it is pretty visible that our current leaders couldn’t run a McDonalds, let alone countries. I think it is time to flush the toilet 🙂 So to speak.

    Or, how much time the public has left before cold-hard Hitlerian style fascism returns to combat the turning tide of public opinion; on a world scale. Cue United Nations.

    It is only a matter of time before we have closure, and I’m betting it won’t be pretty – IMO of course.

  2. Vern Crisler says:

    Thanks Steven,

    Good theorizing depends on good data, but in this global warming fracas, it seems as though politics is driving the data. That’s never a good sign.


  3. You say nothing of a chronology for Palaeolithic Man before the flood. Do you place it at 2348 BC + 120yrs= 2468 BC assuming Cain’s decendents were huntergatherers and were the giants of Genesis 6 verse 4 as does HLH (Compendium of World History Volume One Chapter 19) Please answer this question

    • Vern Crisler says:

      Hi John,

      I no longer accept the view that Palaeolithic men existed before the Flood. That was Courville’s position. I started out with that assumption, but further research ruled it out as an option for me. I believe Palaeolithic men are post-Flood, as most Flood theorists believe.

      I’m continuing my research in this area in my essay “The Antiquity of Man.” Hopefully, within the next two or three months I’ll be able to add the next section, which will be about Palaeolithic men.

      Thanks for reading,


  4. Hi Verne Look forward to your article on Palaeolithic Man. In my view the Neanderthals had both industries and were quite capable of Neolithic civilization as I have shown in my article on Skara Brae and the “Doggerlands Palaeolithic” I have shown that the Neanderthals were infact Canaanites under their first leader Cichol Gricenchos and were firstly and formostly huntergatherers and fishermen; but that they built the village of Skara Brae. What I would insist on is that the Neolithic/Bronze/Iron and steel industries came first immediately after the flood thus 2347 BC according to information I have from Darrell White. I date the neanderthal to 2225 BC. Please go to my website for more information on this at www. John

  5. Vern Crisler says:

    Thanks John, I should have some Paleolithic essays pretty soon. I’ve finished with Piltdown Man, and halfway through an essay on the Scopes Trial. After that it’s Australopithecines, H. erectus, Neanderthal, Cro-Magnon, and then a revision to my Mesolithic essay, followed by an essay on the Neolithic, then on the early urbanization period, prior to the Uruk 4 strata in Mesopotamia. I think you’re right that Neolithic, Bronze, and Iron ages are post-Flood, but they were sequential, not all at once.

    I’ll keep your website in mind as I write the Paleolithic essays.



  6. Hi Verne yes but the point is I do not use evolutionary terms like mesolithic or chalcolithic. I think the Neolithic Bronze/Iron and Steel Industries (2347 BC) degenerated into the huntergatherer cultures particularly after Babel ths the term Palaeolithic covers mesolithic quite well John

  7. Hi Verne I also believe there was an Ice Plannet catastrophe 101 after the flood in 1757 annomundi or 2247 BC (I find Ussher’s chronology the simplest to follow). For me the term Palaeolithic to cover the Huntergatherer period is a very usefull label to destibguish between the aggriculturalists (Thus Neolithic or Late Stone Age Industries) I have found that Madai came to Britain in or between 2254 and 2247 BC (A Japethite) and Darrell thinks it is doubtfull whether he knew how to smelt metals but maybe relied on people like Sidon to transport the ore by ship
    If 2247 BC when the earth was devided and Madai found the land that he visited covered in Ice and ownly fit for hunter gatherers then I reckon his expodition (world survey teams) match with the finds found in Swanscombe. However I reckon that an Ice age catastrophe would better be suited to the despersion at Babel ca 2191 BC. According to Compendium of World History there was a Neolithic colonization of Germany in 2192 BC. Thus this would at best make the Palaeolithic and Neolithic industries contemporary in this part of the world. Please email me at and let me know what dates you use for the palaeolithic in Britain and also the Neolithic industries. I have dated on Darrell’s advise the Neolithic at 2038 BC Having in mind he defeated Albion who invaded Britain in 2082 (Eppi Palaeolithic Industries and son of Sidon) and reigned a period of 44 Yrs) with Herculese the General of Nimrod. I have found with Darrell that the Ice age meltdown was in 1491 BC at the exodus making Oard’s timeline for the Ice age exactly 700 yrs if one accepts it started at the Babel despersion in 2191. As far as Noah is concerned I believe they had metal tools on the ark but also made stone tools in addition. Thus the Neolithic industiries as far as I can see would be re-introduced by Nimrod ca 2094 BC. John

  8. Hi Verne I reckon the Neanderthals had canaanite phoenician origens. I reckon the Neanderthals date to 2225 BC 200 before Battle of Magithe with Partholan who was in the Neolithic stage of culture. Cichol was in Northern Scotland 200 yrs before Battle of Magithe (2025 BC) 10 yrs after Partholan arrived in Ireland. The Formorei were the first inhabitants of Britain. Some of the Doggerlands also provides proof that they were in Norfolk for a time. Do you place uruk 4 arround 2191 bc That is my date for start of Ice age till the exodus in 1491 BC. this is a good match for Oard’s time line John

  9. Hi Verne for me the “Chronology of Neolithic Man” correrlates (See my website and part 2 of Neolithic Man) fits veery well with the ancient chronologers who verify Ussher’s time line with the ice age melt down in 1491 BC (Hence the flooding of Red Sea) John

    • Hi Verne Could you please let me have your email address as I would like to discuss some ideas with you regarding where exactly and at what date you place the despersion from Babel. In my view The Tower of Babel event started the Ice age with an Ice Plannet strike that kiiled lots of animals in Ammerica alone and the end of the Ice age circa 1491 BC at the Exodus Melt down more animals became extinct. I believe that up to this time there were landbridges connecting some of the continents and Britain to France. John

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