Obamacare & Violence

Posted: March 26, 2010 in Uncategorized

There are many who are complaining about Obamacare, and some who are counseling violence of some sort in response.   Nevertheless, as Lincoln said after the firing on Fort Sumter: “[B]allots are the rightful and peaceful successors of bullets; and that when ballots have fairly and constitutionally decided, there can be no successful appeal back to bullets; that there can be no successful appeal except to ballots themselves, at succeeding elections.”  (“Message to Congress,” July 4, 1861.)

As long as we have representative government, no one can rightfully appeal to violence.  Many of us were warning of the dangers of electing Democrats back in 2006 and Obama in 2008.  Some of us hoped Obama would take a middle road and be more like Bill Clinton than Jimmy Carter.  This hope has been dashed.  The results were predictable: a year after the socialists took control of Congress, the economy began to falter, and even now, after the first year of  the Obama presidency, we are still mired in the Great Recession. 

Obama seems determined to turn this country to the left, away from Reagan.  All the gains of the Reagan and post-Reagan years are being wiped out.  Instead we have trillions of dollars of debt, new social programs we can’t afford, and a feckless foreign policy.  And lurking in the shadows of the economy is mass inflation, waiting for the banks to start lending again.

Many libertarians hated George Bush and Republicans.  As John J. Miller said as far back as 2002: “Libertarians are now serving, in effect, as Democratic Party operatives.”  (NYT, 11/16/2002.)  Now that libertarians have gotten what they wanted, they’re suddenly whining about the resulting socialism and tyranny.  Duh!

As the billboard said, “Bigger government, more spending, less freedom.  Miss me yet?”  Granted, Bush wasn’t perfect, but sometimes common sense tells us that a lesser evil is to be preferred to a greater evil.  But then again, when have purist libertarians ever allowed common sense to guide their politics?

You reap what you vote for.  If you wasted your vote with third-party candidates out of a hatred of Bush or the Republicans, you essentially voted for Obama. Or if you spent your time trashing Sarah Palin during the last election cycle, it is now useless to complain about who’s in charge.

There’s a price to pay for political stupidity — and many libertarians and “moderates” are paying that price — but to compound it with violence or threats of violence is sheer insanity.  Away with such Sumterism!  It is better to have Obama and all of his social-fascist programs than it is to countenance terrorism or worse.


  1. Richard says:

    By this reasoning, third party voters are deemed to have assisted whichever candidate ends up winning. This defies logic. And to pretend that libertarians are inconsistent because they disfavor socialism in addition to disfavoring the policies of the Bush administration is just plain silly. Further, to associate libertarians as a group with those who advocate violence against the current administration is simply dishonest. At the root of libertarianism is opposition to the initiation of violent force.

    Obama is in office not because of libertarians (who couldn’t have taken away Obama’s landslide victory anyway). The White House was given to him by the GOP, which lost its way and with it the votes of its base (who, by the way, are not libertarians). The Republicans rejected their own platform, they failed to restrain government action despite controlling both the executive and legislative branches, they spent unprecedented amounts of money on domestic pork, and, worst of all, they ignored the warning bells sounded by the 2006 elections. The only way Republicans could have lost worse would be to have nominated Ted Stevens. So go ahead and point the finger. You’ve still got three pointing back.

  2. Vern Crisler says:

    No Richard, purist libertarians oppose the right of a state to defend itself because they believe all states are illegitimate, criminal enterprises. It’s not just disagreement with the Iraq war; it’s disagreement with the whole idea that the state should defend itself, e.g., the war on terrorism, hatred of the CIA, 911 troothers, etc. Libertarian anti-Americanism was what turned me away from libertarianism to a renewed belief in the principles of the American founders, and of Lincoln.


  3. Vern, totally agree with you on this libertarian stuff. Libertarianism is a one-sided distortion of true conservatism.

    It is yet another attempt to avoid genuine governance which necessitates power, authority, and actual decision making in policy and law.

    Involved in the right of duly consistuted government to defend itself is the right to take preemptive measures when deemed necessary.

    The United States is presently the guarantor of world order & stability.

    Libertarians countenance the destruction of the current world order to realize their anarchic utopian dream. The fact is that most persons and nations aren’t rational actors (economic or otherwise).

    Christianity recognizes government as a legitimate and necessary feature of the world order and is therefore incompatible with libertarian ideology.

    • Vern Crisler says:

      Thanks Andrew. Sadly, even Glenn Beck is moving toward Ron Paul’s foreign policy ideas, some of which might have made sense in a pre-9/11 world. But our war isn’t just with other nations now, who might behave with a modicum of political rationality (don’t quite agree with you on that). It’s against a loose, stateless organization of Islamic fanatics who put their theocratic goals above basic morality. That is what purist libertarians appear not to understand.

  4. I should have said the U.S. Is the present EARTHLY guarantor of world order, etc.

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