Mencken’s Law

Posted: August 10, 2010 in Evolution

I had heard of argumentum ad Hitlerum, but not of Godwin’s Law.  The former refers to a fallacy of modern political debate when one side accuses the other of holding positions that Hitler believed, or that such and such a policy would “lead to the Holocaust.”  For an overview of the fallacy, see:

Fortunately, the Wikipedia article linked to an article on Godwin’s Law:

The humorous point of Godwin’s law is not that one cannot use Fascist- or Hitler-analogies, but that the longer a political debate goes on, the greater the likelihood — approaching certainty — that a Fascist- or Hitler-analogy will be used.

I think we need something like that for creation/evolution debates.  Only in this case, Darwinists can be counted on to accuse creationists (of whatever variety) of being ignoramuses, Nazis, or what-have-you from the very start.  In other words, they don’t wait until later to invoke such comparisons but begin right away.

I suggest we call it Mencken’s Law, in that Mencken’s most deranged writings usually involved a discussion of evolution or of cross-of-gold Democrat, William Jennings Bryan.

The probability of this happening at the beginning of creation/evolution discussion is very nearly a certainty, and it suggests a corollary, that the intellectual caliber of such a discussion seldom rises to the level of noticeability.

Therefore, over time the intellectual caliber of a Godwin’s Law discussion will achieve the same threshold of noticeability captured by Mencken’s Law.


  1. Jerry Bridge says:

    & Old Earthers like the word Fundamentalist

    Lots of good stuff to read here

    Thank you Mr Crisler

  2. Vern Crisler says:

    Much appreciated Jerry….

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