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Prince Poppycock

Posted: September 14, 2010 in Culture

Great voice, great showmanship, great talent, but he’s like a deranged version of Liberace mixed with Lady Gaga.  I think he would make a great headliner in Vegas, along with Fighting Gravity.

Not sure Jackie Evancho will win this one, but I’ve no doubt she’ll be America’s Charlotte Church.

What Prince Poppycock will be … I’m afraid to guess. 😉

Update, 9/14/2010

Just watched Jackie and Prince Poppycock.  I have to say that I was expecting something outrageous and entertaining from the Prince, but he was rather bland tonight.  Hopefully, he’ll learn from this that showmanship doesn’t mean playing it safe.

Jackie sang Ave Maria, and did it with grace and style.  In its own way it was just as good as, or perhaps even better than, Connie Talbot’s version.  I hope Jackie sticks with opera and doesn’t go the Charlotte Church route of singing pop.  We’ve got enough of that already.

Update 9/16/2010

I was a bit shocked that Michael Grimm won out on AGT over Jackie Evancho, and he looked shocked too when the announcement was made.  However, he’s a good singer and I guess America loves a hard luck story during these hard times and voted to give him his own Vegas show.  Somehow, Jackie Evancho does not seem to fit Vegas, and she still has many years to go to polish her spectacular voice and sing in venues proper to her talent.

I actually thought the contest was really between Jackie and Prince Poppycock, who will no doubt get his own Vegas show.  In any case, I loved the duet between Sarah Brightman and Jackie, who was so sweet, but I did have a sneaking desire to see Sarah Brightman sing with Prince Poppycock.  Stranger things have happened.

I do worry about kids getting fame too soon, but my main concern with young singers like Jackie (and Hollie Steel and Connie Talbot), is that they stay sane.  I don’t think Prince Poppycock has to worry about that since he’s just the opposite — he mainly needs to worry about becoming sane.