Republicans Debate

Posted: September 15, 2011 in Politics

I have to say, after watching the Republican debate the other night, I’ve begun to lose interest in Rick Perry, and I’ve gained more interest in Michelle Bachmann and Herman Cain.  Perry came across as too arrogant, and couldn’t reassure us that his absurd policies on inoculations and illegal immigration were mere exceptions to his conservative outlook.  Instead, it seemed like for Perry, he’s really a statist at heart, and it comes bubbling up to the surface at odd moments.  His conservatism is just the odd overlay that he chucks when it suits him.  Better than Romney I suppose, but that isn’t saying much.

Ron Paul always makes sense on economics, but his foreign policy was written by the Hate America First Committee and has the stamp of approval of al Qaeda.  Rick Santorum was in good form in taking on Paul’s lunatic foreign policy.  Newt was also in good form, but the scandals in his personal life make his run for the presidency quixotic at best.

Quite frankly, however, I’d like to see Sarah Palin in the mix.  Her charisma makes all the other Republican candidates wilt in proportion, but she also needs debate experience.  As long as she delays entering the race, she’s not getting that necessary toughening up which is essential for a presidential candidate.

I do think it’s time for Newt, Rick Santorum and Ron Paul to drop out of the race.  They are only distracting attention away from the more viable candidates.

  1. Vern Crisler says:

    Update 12/31/2011:

    The Republican nomination process has been so topsy-turvy lately, I don’t know what to say about it. I do like Newt now, but he has a streak of Progressivism that can be very annoying. My man Cain short-circuited, and Sarah decided to stay out. I like Perry much more now than I did, but I don’t see him winning this time around; maybe next time.

    Ron Paul and his followers are, of course, as loony as ever. Mitt Romney is just boring.

    Right now, I guess I’m with Newt, since he’s more articulate than most conservatives, and has actually won some victories for conservatism during his time as Speaker. His Progressive streak, unless he keeps it under strict control, threatens to undermine any support conservatives might give him in the future. I hope he realizes that by now.

    Who knows what will happen at this point?

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