My Defense of Ann Coulter

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My defense of Ann Coulter against Gary North

The Cult of Pessimism

New Essays

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Greetings all.  I’ve written a few more essays that can be found at  The web address is:


New Book Reviews

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I have several new book reviews under the Book Reviews section of Pages.  The latest is of Ted Stewart’s Solving the Exodus Mystery, wherein I take issue with Stewart’s chronology.  See also my review of David Rohl’s new book Exodus: Myth or History? wherein I do the same.

Grim Reaper Paradox

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Analysis of Koons’ Grim Reaper, Blog Version

Book Reviews, Down Updated review.  Also, See Book Reviews.

BookReview, Long Updated Review of James D. Long, Riddle of the Exodus:

Vern Crisler, 2013

Re: the late Robert Jordan’s Wheel of Time Series: (spoiler)

After all these years, I finally finished Jordan’s masterpiece.  I was greatly influenced by Jordan, and wrote a trilogy in an attempt to imitate his style.  However, I eventually put it aside because I realized that my stories were just repeating Jordan and Tolkien’s plots and characters.  Maybe I’ll rework it sometime in the future and make it my own story.

I enjoyed the last book of WOT, A Memory of Light, but the epilogue had a rushed feel to it.  If Jordan had had more time, I’m sure each section of the epilogue would have been expanded into a whole chapter and would have become a whole book.  Then some more minor characters would have been introduced, and new threads would have started just before the end and we’d have gone into more innings — probably three more books.

BTW, I thought killing Egwene was stupid and unforgivable.  That’s what happens when a TV series goes on too long as well: they start killing off the main characters.  For that reason, WoT should have ended several books ago.  Egwene was no expendable minor character but had started out with Rand, Perrin, and Mat from the beginning.  She had gone through all sorts of trials and tribulation to become the Amyrlin Seat and there was little reason to kill her off in a fight with a relatively uninteresting character.

However, flaws and all, Jordan’s Wheel of Time series always makes for terrific reading.  He is the only truly worthy successor of Tolkien.